Through Free Agency Creative, I worked on the illustrations for Berkeley Village, a real estate project developed by Ikonik Homes in Surrey, BC.

I also worked on the advertisement, stationary, interactive touchscreens, website, and signage for this project.

For this deliverable, I was challenged with taking the two exterior design options for the homes, named dusk and dawn, and visually representing them. Normally, the exteriors are realistic renderings but for this project we wanted to be more creative and unique by using original illustrations.

I started off by using the architectural drawings of the exterior buildings, cleaning them up until they were simple outlines, and then began the illustration process.

The brand already had a colour palette in place, a coral/pink, aqua, and lime green. Because the exteriors were split out into different themes, I decided to use two different colour palettes.

For the dawn illustration, I chose a warmer, brighter, and more awake-looking palette with blues and greens. I made the landscape in the background much lighter to mimic a summer morning. I made the shadow angles go from left to right since the sun rises in the East. The windows and everything indoors is much fainter do to all of the natural light coming in through the windows. The clouds are thin set in the middle to show the sky clearing for a clear blue sky for the rest of the day.

Each of the illustrations has it’s own story. For dawn, it was decided that a family with kids would be living in the home. I added a bike, trampoline, and large kitchen table to the house as well as a pet cat in the backyard. I also illustrated two people relaxing; the women watching television, and the man stepping out onto the balcony to take in the fresh morning air. 

For the dusk illustration, I chose a cooler palette with a mix of coral, blue, and green. There are a lot more shadows used throughout do to the setting sun and I angled them the opposite way to mimic the sun setting in the West. The clouds are angled and the colours in the background stand out more because of the setting sun. Since it is getting darker, the lights are on in the house so you can see more of the details. 

The owner’s of this house are a younger couple who like to entertain. In the top window you’ll see one of the host’s offering a plater of food to their guest, and on the rooftop balcony, the other host cooking up some delicious grilled food. This couple owns a dog, a hip car, and try to entertain as much as possible.

These illustrations were used throughout the deliverables as options for which home to choose, on the outdoor signage leading people to the sales centre (not pictured), and as screensavers for the interactive touchscreens in the sales centre as seen above.

Both of the illustrations were also used in the brochure with supporting copy describing the features of each home option.  

These illustrations really helped to show how unique each of the homes are as well as allowed the project to stand out from all of the other developments happening in Surrey right now. 

It was definitely one of my favourite projects that I worked on at Free Agency Creative because it pushed me as an illustrator to show more of a story in the piece versus just making an illustration look pretty.