Through Free Agency Creative, I worked on the brand Marine + Fell, a real estate project developed by Anthem Properties in North Vancouver, BC.

Jean Chisholm, one of the art directors at Free Agency Creative, created the logo and initial brand identity, and I helped to develop the branding across all the deliverables.

I worked on the advertisement, akit, inserts, stationary, floorplans, website, signage, and sales centre for this project.

For this project, my main task was to create the akit by taking parts of the existing branding that had been defined by my art director, and pushing them further across the layout.

The branding was inspired by the highly typographical, sharp, and minimalistic style that is often seen in Swedish design.

I kept much of the type consistent throughout, by having it along the top in one row with large images bleeding off the page to really highlight the product we were selling.

Much of the layouts are set in that way except in the a few of the pages where we played around with the layout a bit: the vertical type in the intro spread, the images and cross in the “Urban By Nature” spread, and the vertical type in the plans and features spreads.

Since the akit was finished first, I took a lot of the type styles set out on those floorplan pages and included them in the floorplan inserts, only reworking them slightly. Instead of including the floorplan information with the plan type, I decided to let that type live by itself and have the additional information set vertically on the right side, much like how other details were treated throughout the brand.

For these plans, as with all floorplan inserts I worked on, I cleaned up the architectural plans and keyplates and styled them in a way that fit the brand. So in this case, shades of grey, and with the main typeface of the brand.

As with the floorplans, I based the features insert off of what was created in the akit but freshened it up a bit since it was a different spec. Bold title in the corner, with a bit of breathing room before diving into the copy.

Overall, I really love the balance I was able to achieve between the amount of copy I had to include without it looking too overwhelming. Also, by toning the copy back to a shade of grey, I was able to put more focus on the title and the logo.

The community map of the Marine + Fell neighbourhood in North Vancouver, BC. The challenge with this map was creating a visual that was minimalistic, but full of useful information for potential buyers as well as keeping it on brand and including all of the points provided by our client. It was about finding the perfect balance between the type sizes, colours, and type styles so that it didn’t feel like everything was jumping off of the page. After quite a few iterations between myself and my art director, I was able to have everything sitting beautifully.

The map was used for the brochure, and parts were used for the map table in the sales centre.

The registration card for the sales people for Marine + Fell to use for potential buyers on one side and for their own internal use on the other. This deliverable came a bit later on after quite a few of the other pieces were already out, so I was able to use type styles set out in those and adjust to fit the smaller postcard size.