I first created this branding back in 2015 as a self guided project while at the University of the Fraser Valley. In 2018, I refreshed some of the branding using the skills that I’ve gained over the last 4 years.

The original branding won the Salazar Award for Brand Identity back in May 2015.

Before I started sketching logo ideas, I went straight to looking up where the word tofu came from. I wanted to create a name that was true to it’s origin while also being modern, approachable, and playful. Right underneath ‘tofu’, the pronunciation was spelt out as /ˈtōfo͞o/. The accents made it unique and the spelling made it fun and playful, and so the name for the brand was born.

Instead of choosing 1 or 2 colours for the brand, I wanted to choose one per type of tofu so people could associate the texture to the colour when at the store. Emerald green is medium tofu, lime green is soft tofu, navy blue is extra firm tofu, and purple is firm tofu. The logo itself encompasses all of the brand colours to represent the company products.

One of the things that annoys me about tofu packaging is how when you open up the package, you can’t reseal it again. You end up having to throw out the original tofu packaging and then have to find somewhere else to store it.

So with TOFOO I wanted to create something that allowed consumers to be able to reuse the packaging as well as having a material that could be recycled.

Each sales person gets to choose their favourite type of tofu which corresponds to a different colour for their business card. Ask them about how they like to cook their tofu!

In addition to the importance of refreshing the look of tofu packaging is the importance of educating consumers on what they are buying. With these posters, I wanted to illustrate what can be made with the different types of tofu in a fun and clever way by using the actual logo in place of an illustration of tofu. 

Alongside educating people through the posters, I really wanted to create more resources to make it easier for people to start cooking with tofu. So I designed these recipes cards, one recipe per type of tofu, that people can either view online or order and have the physical card to add to their recipe books. These recipes are simple and easy enough for people at all levels of cooking to use.